Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's rough being homeless!

Sunday, June 10, 2012  at 10:19 PM
I could write an epistle trying to recap the passed couple weeks of life, and I probably should, but life moves on whether or not you blog about it.  I will say that I am freaking LOVING my job in Buford and am glad to be back in the South!

On the athletic front, I have been packing on some poundage, but it's giving me motivation to get back out there and really train again.  I got to reunite with my "ridin' buddy," Josh Woods for a weeks of good rides during campmeeting, which, if you don't know, is basically a reunion for all the Adventist church members in this conference.  Since he and I are both pastors, we are required to go and hang out with each other!  We had three days of solid riding which included a 48 miler that was cut short by rain.  Jenn was close by and picked us up before we washed away.  Another ride was a 58 miler that left me with some hot tan lines, and finally, a speedier ride on Sabbath morning of about 27 miles.  It was so nice to ride with Josh and have some quality pastor time at the same time.

But, I really wanted to write a blog about how close we are to not being homeless anymore!  Yes, ever since Jenn and I moved from Michigan, we've been sort of homeless.  It has been awesome to have the parents living an hour and a half away, but that's just it...they live an hour and a half away, which really puts a crimp in our style and makes it hard to do my job of working with my church.  Right now, I'm writing from the living room of one of my church members that went on vacation and graciously asked me to house sit and allow me to be closer to my church.  It has been such a blessing!  But, we have been staying at Jenn's parent's house in Dalton (2 hours away), and even staying at Jenn's step-brother's house down here in Atlanta.  We're vagabonds and tramps, it seems!

So, here's the deal.  After looking for a long time, putting an offer on a house and then backing out because it wasn't going to be perfect for us, and looking for other houses, we finally found one!  It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath house that seems perfect for us.  It's less than 15 minutes away from the church, 10 minutes away from the Mall of Georgia where everything fun is, and finally 20 minutes or so from Colleen and Tom Kingery!  We put an offer on it among 8 other offers, and OURS WAS ACCEPTED!!!  Yay!  A couple weeks later and after getting a clean report from our inspection, we are just waiting to close on June 25!  That's two weeks from this Monday!!  We're busy picking out carpet and appliances and dreaming like crazy about what we will do with our first home.  It's been quite a journey, but it looks like we're getting closer to the end.  Keep us in your prayers that nothing stops the process from going smoothly.

There she is!  

This is the view once you open the front door.  There the eat-in kitchen to the right.
This is the view from standing in the living room.  The first door on the right is the master bedroom.  The next door is my office, and you can see the dining room to the left of the entry.
This is my office!  This is where the sermon writing and planning happens.

We're at the end of a street, so we don't get much traffic at all!

That just gives you a little idea of what we're working with.  After we do some work to it, I'll give you some more pictures to see how it looks then.  It'll be so nice to move into our own home!  Maglee is really ready to be in one place instead of moving around all the time.

As life starts to get back to normal, I'll give you some more updates on what we're doing down here in the South.  Just a teaser, I'm looking at signing up this week for my first triathlon of the season coming up in July.  Don't think that I forgot why I started this blog...  Thanks for reading!



I can't tell you how excited I am that a.) you guys found a house, b.) everything is going smoothly with it and c.) you are going to be so close! It's funny how things work out.

So excited to finally meet you and Jenn tomorrow! :)


Dude! Can stay in your "mansion" when I come to visit?

I really gotta move out of my closet of an apartment here outside of NYC....


That house is awesome!!! I am so glad you guys have finally found a place. Also - it sounds like you had some nice time in the saddle. :)

Big Daddy Diesel

Wow, that is a really nice house!!

Matty O

That is AWESOME!

Congrats to you guys, praying that everything goes off w/out a hitch!

I love the added weight training motivation, I call that "winter" for me haha.

It is funny, the satellite image shows NO GRASS! What I would do w/ all my free time not cutting grass?!?! hahaha.

it's all about pace

nice house....

and I'm going to steal (borrow) your quote "life moves on whether or not you blog about it"

Ironman By Thirty

Sweet house! Glad that you found the perfect house! Good luck with the move!

Hope you had a great time visiting with Colleen!


Very happy for you and Jennifer. The house is very pretty and I love the open layout. Miss you in Greeneville!


Shut the front door! What an AWESOME house - I absolutely love it! Congratulations on such a great thing in your lives - you'll be so happy to be settled in I'm sure. Trust me, I get the whole vagabond thing all too well!
So excited for you!


Ohhhh, pretty house! Congrats, soon-to-be-homeowners! :)


Hooray!! You found a house, and a really great one at that!! I used to live in Alabama and your house reminds me so much of the houses there, must be a southern thing :). But I love it, congratulations!! So glad things are going well for you guys :).


Congrats on the house! With any luck things will settle down a little for you guys once you get settled in.


Hooray!!!! I'm so excited for you guys! That house is perfect! Can't wait to come visit. :-)

kessia reyne

wow. that's a big house! Save us a spot in the guest room :)


hugest congrats on the new home
looks incredible

Sounds like you will be all settled in this wknd?

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