Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 13, 2012  at 11:35 AM
Ok, just a few words...

I finally got to meet IronDiva, aka Colleen Kingery!  YAY!!!  We got to have lunch at Taco Mac at the Mall of Georgia in Buford.  Yup, she was just as cool as I thought she would be.  Blogger meetups are the best because it's like you already know the person before you "meet" them.  Too bad Tom was out of town, but that just gives us another excuse to hang out again.  Here's the classic self-portrait as proof...

And finally, have you seen the Treadmill Bike?  I think they made this especially for Emz.  Imagine what this could do for Triathlon!  Now you can do the bike and run at the same time!!!!!  Bring it on, Macca!



Glad you guys finally got to meet. :) Also - you cannot go wrong at Taco Mac...I went there for lunch yesterday in Chattanooga!


YAY! I'm so glad that we met. I talked about you and Jenn all night to Tom and he was extremely jealous that he wasn't there. Let's definitely get the 4 of us together soon.

Oh... and we went to the Braves game last night. We totally need to do that together and get the $4 seats. We didn't get those (we had A.MAZING.ING seats and they were playing the Yanks), but I know it would be super fun!!!

Big Daddy Diesel

Colleen and Tom are great, I am lucky to have the chance to hang out with them while they still lived in Ohio

Ironman By Thirty

Told you so! haha! Colleen and Tom are two awesome people.

That bike reminds of this: They actually had one at the Glass City expo when we first met Colleen and Tom.


Awesome you got to meet Colleen!

The treadmill bike?!? Oy, this makes my head hurt to watch...

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