Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In Memory of "Beryl"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012  at 11:15 AM
I like to go fast!  I like it when life goes fast!  It just seems to be more interesting, and right now...IT'S GOING REALLY FAST!  Moving and starting a new job and everything that comes with that is making life crazy to say the least, and because of that, blogging gets a backseat ride.  But something happened yesterday that was a milestone in my life.  I sold Beryl.  You're probably wondering who Beryl is, and to that I say, "It's not a WHO, but it's a What!"  So, without further ado, I introduce you to Beryl...

This is Beryl.  She's a 1963 VW Beetle that I've had the pleasure of "restoring" over the past four years.  Isn't she a babe?  I got here all spiffied up the other day and created a classifieds listing.  Within 45 minutes, I had four people interested!  One guy even called me at 1am to see if he could buy her.  I quickly realized that I had priced her too low, so I raised the price by $1000.  That didn't deter anyone, and the phone calls kept flooding in!  Finally, yesterday, a mother and son from Chattanooga, TN drove down to check her out.  After a quick test drive, we signed the title and they drove off with my little bug.  Here's a few pictures of how she looked before she was sold.

But, as a memorial to our journey, here is a slideshow to show you where she came from...

And finally, here she is driving by...  I almost cried a little as I watched a similar view, but with someone else in my car.  Well, I know where she will be, and I hope to see her again.



That car is awesome! Who knew you were a triathlete, an amazing husband, fabulous at your "real" job AND a mechanic?! The total package :)


That's a really cool car and you did a great job restoring her! I hope your paths cross again soon. :)

Big Daddy Diesel

Sweet ride!!


Wow! What an incredible amount of work and love you put into her no wonder you are sad to see her go. Great job!


Ah, Matt... that was an awesome video of the transformation. I'm totally amazing... both by the work and the fact that you could sell it! :( I'm sure she will be well taken car of by her new owners!

it's all about pace

nice restotration work... loved the video.

My parents had a yellow VW "Tweety" for 15 or 20 years....


But why did she have to go?


What an awesome worries, I am sure you can find another one to restore. :) I am sure I will be seeing it around Chattanooga sometime soon!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bugs!! Nice job on the restoring as well.


dude you have skillz big tyme

awesome lookin bug!

kessia reyne

that's quite a transformation!

Cory Reese

I would say Beryl was nothing short of pure awesome. I'm pretty sure I would have cried a little too.

You are like a ninja of restorative skillz!

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