Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bad Boys, Bad Boys...PART II

Thursday, April 26, 2012  at 9:12 AM
I thought you would enjoy a quick update on my run in with the LAW!  Remember, I sent an email to the chief of police in Buchanan, MI about being pulled over for riding 2-abreast and it being perfectly legal.  I received a reply from one of the deputies as follows [If you can't read the emails, just click on the picture to make it larger...]:

He TOTALLY missed it!  I copied the exact law and a link to it in my original email, and he fully misread the law.  It plainly states that you can legally ride NO MORE THAN 2-abreast.  So, I did my best to be kind and respectful in a reply email as follows:

On Monday, I got an email from Chief Marx saying:

So all you Michiganders can now thank me for helping the Buchanan Police Department understand the laws of this state.  Feel free to ride 2-abreast in Buchanan or anywhere in the state!



SMITH FOUGHT THE LAW AND THE LAW LOST! are the man for seeing this through bro!

Ironman By Thirty

Your work here is done. Time to head to Georgia and educate the officers there now ;) haha

Matthew Shallenberger

This story warms my heart. Well done, Smitty; well done.


I have always wanted to bootleg moonshine across the border. Can you help persuade the 'thorities that that be legal too?


Your one tooth bandit.

Katie Duffy

You are so freaking nice and handled that so politely! Well played. I don't think I could have pulled off the patience. I still would only feel confident riding two abreast through Buchanan if Wally is the officer. It sounds like the others still don't get it.


Well written email by you, pointing out that they were mistaken again :) Looks like it's a good thing to have a Smith on your side.

Matty O


Love your persistence on this one. I think it is important that they understand it and I like that the replies to you were very cordial and well worded.

Your work in the midwest is done my friend. Time to tackle bigger and badder problems in the dirty south ;)

Joshua B

Love it man. Way to persist and find truth.


LOL!!!! I love it! I can only imagine though what they had to say about you around the office. :)


OMG, how ridiculous that he has to point out that he saved someone's life with CPR. I'm grateful, of course, but the good ole chief just felt he had to validate his employee was a good person. Glad you took the time to enlighten the police department, despite how many laughs they had (as Julie states!!). You rock!


Love Donnie's comment.

Go. Smitty

Big Daddy Diesel

Ha, thats awesome


Ok so I have no idea how I missed this post - ack!
But WAY TO GO - love that you didn't stop until you got them to finally acknowledge you were right :)
Watch out, Georgia...Mr. Smith is on the case!

Caratunk Girl

OMG!!! That is so awesome!! I love that you knew the laws better than the cops! :)

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