Sunday, April 01, 2012

Monthly Recap

Sunday, April 01, 2012  at 1:08 PM
Isn't it amazing how crazy life gets sometimes?  That's how the Smith home has been recently.  From writing papers and finishing assignments so I can graduate, to baby dedications, to job interviews, to house hunting...WE'VE BEEN BUSY!

So, here is a recap blog about what's been happening with the Smiths over the last several weeks.

Brynlie's Baby Dedication:
A couple weekends ago, Jenn and I drove down to Chattanooga to go to my niece's baby dedication.  It was held at the visitor center at the VW plant there in Chatt-town.  It really is a cool spot with tons of trails and places to hike.

Enterprise South Nature Park 03182011 02
The service went well, and Jenn and I even sang a song together.  Nope, I don't have any pictures or video of that, although I know you all would like to hear us singing!  :)

That same weekend, Jenn and I went to see her parents to celebrate her mom's birthday.  Check out the sweet medal hanger that I found for her on  I think she really liked it and now has something to hang her triathlon medals on!
Kathy, mother-in-law, with her B-day present
While we were down there, we wanted to see the damage from the crazy tornados that keep ripping through Chattanooga.  This last one was less than two miles from my sister and brother-in-law's house.  My brother-in-law, Jason, is also a Police Officer/Chaplain for the Chattanooga Police.  He was on the scene shortly after the tornado came through, and he took some video of the area as well as a life-flight helicopter picking someone up.  The damage was INCREDIBLE!  
If you didn't know, I love playing golf!  I'm not all that great at it, but I sure have a lot of fun.  My dad and I never pass up an opportunity to hit the links, so we took the chance and played 9 holes on Sunday a couple weekends ago.  It was perfect weather, and a whole lot of fun.  We played at a course that I'd never played before, but I had my best round of the year (out of three) and shot a 45.  

I also got to go with my buddies, Donnie Keele and Jonathon DeWebber a couple weeks ago.  We had a lot of fun although it was REALLY ugly!  Want to see a nasty-lookin', bail-out-at-the-end swing?  Have a look...
Although we've been super busy, we've been taking advantage of getting out and riding a bunch.  We've been struggling with flats recently, although I think we've figured out the problem.  Jenn had two flats in back to back days, but it was due to her tire bead separating from the sidewall.  The wire bead was poking the tube! On my last ride with Ryan Hodgins, I snagged a piece of glass that cut the tire and of course tube.  Luckily, the tire held for the last 20 miles of our 35 mile ride.  We had a lot of fun, and it was great to break him into his furthest distance and past the 30-mile barrier.  He hadn't ridden more than 22 miles before.

Any News?
Yes, I've got a bunch of news about our future and what will happen after graduation!  We're so happy and stoked, and there are so many blessings that have happened in the last weeks.  But, I'm gonna leave you hanging for another post that I'll give you later this week.  Am I a jerk or what?  :)


Caratunk Girl

Oh man, don't leave me hanging! :)

So glad to hear lots of good things are happening! Imam jealous of your outside riding!

That is a sweet medal hanger!


What a great month you guys had! I didn't know you golfed too - I love to golf, but haven't been since before Julia was born! Need to get back out there - my clubs are rusty...

I hate that you leave us all hanging! But I'm hoping it's excellent news for you!!!


Yea jerk!!!! Really and when I started reading I was thinking oh great we get to find out where they are going! NO not! :)

Sounds like you've had some good stuff going on. Love the medal hanger for mother in law! I really need to get me one of those.


Gah!!!! Been waiting FOREVER to see where you are heading!!!

Busy boy you have been ! -Yoda


Glad you guys had a good visit down south. WOW - Jenny has the same smile as her mom!! It's pretty cool that you and your dad got to play a round :)

We had some friends that were in that tornado and their house was taken, but the mom, daughter and grandkid survived.

I cannot wait to hear where you are going!!!

Matty O

First off, nice bike jersey ;) haha.

Yeah, you and I can NEVER play on the same golf team... haha. Although you look much better than I am :)

Crazy tornado damage. Wasn't sure what to expect as you panned left and I was just shocked at everything just laid out like that... so sad man.

Awesome on the news! Hopefully it's all good news and everything that you guys were hoping for!

it's all about pace

Looking forward to more news...

and man... I do love Chattanooga... I could live there...


Thanks for the cliffhanger, yo. And sweet Peachtree Road race shirt on your Dad!!! So glad you guys have some answers - look forward to hearing where you'll be!!


its a cliffhanger

lots goin on!
great job gettn the riding in....& changin those tires


It's a good thing that Kevin shared a bit of what you told him about where you guys are headed. Otherwise, you would have gotten an eyeful (??) about your cliffhanger of a post here! ;) Seriously so happy for you guys and eager to hear more! It sounds like nothing but good things! :)

Jason, Mindy, and Brynlie

Such a great post! That was a huge weekend! I was just thinking about what a long drive you did for Bryn's dedication. Wow! Thanks for all you did to come down. It was really special to us!

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