Monday, May 13, 2013

My New Family Member (BLOG CONTEST)

Monday, May 13, 2013  at 6:55 PM
I bet you all are thinking that I am announcing another kiddo on the way.  Nope!  Not yet, although I would love to have more kids one day.  Sorry for all of you that are frustrated and don't think my title was funny.  Don't stop reading!

Several months ago, I did get someTHING that is a big part of my life.  I spend a lot of time with it.  We hang out together.  We train together.  We eat and drink together.  Although it sleeps in the other room, we have a close bond as we both look toward finishing an Ironman on August 25 together.

It's my "new" bike!
I searched for what seemed like forever to find just the right one.  Ebay, Craigslist, Slowtwitch...I looked EVERYWHERE!  Finally, I knew exactly what I wanted.  I have had a Felt road bike for a long time, so I was going to go with a Felt.  Their two top models are the DA and the B2.  Both have this really cool Bayonet headset that moves with the front fork.  Of course, that HAS to make you faster, right?  So, after searching for months, I found this sweet ride!  Yay!  The only problem was, it was in Seattle, Washington.  Plus, it was on Craigslist, so I wouldn't be covered by any security from Ebay or anything else.  After emailing the guy selling this bike, we talked on the phone and skyped, and both of us felt a lot better about the transaction.  He had his buddy box it up and ship it off to me.  A week later, it got here!  I was more excited than a kid on his first day of school.  Immediately, I dropped everything to unbox it and put it all together.  Nothing was more important than getting my bike together!

Here are the details:
  • 2009 Felt B2 Pro 54cm
  • Dura-Ace Components
  • Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheels
  • Made to go FAST!!!
After some initial questioning if I had gotten a size too small, Tom and Colleen Kingery and Josh Woods helped me dial in the fit so I'm comfortable (well, as comfy as you can get on a TT bike).  I LOVE IT!  It looks good.  It rides good.  It is an incredible machine, and I absolutely enjoy riding it!

There is just one doesn't have a name!  And that's where I need your help.  Sure, I've got some good name ideas for this bike, but I want to have a bigger pool to choose from, and I thought we could have some fun while we are at it. 

A while back, I contacted YikesID about giving me some of their products to give away in a blog contest.  They make road id's just like Road ID, and they were really cool about it!  Not only did they give me and Jennifer a YikesID for free, but they will give away FOUR more id's to winners of this contest!  They really are a great company that is focused on their customers.

Contest Details
Come up with a name for my new bike and leave it in a comment.  That's it.  You can give me as many names as you want.  The more names I get to choose from, the better!  Now, here's where this contest gets completely subjective.  I will choose the top four names that I like (it's MY bike, right?), and the people that suggested those names will be the winner.  Now, I know that some of you don't participate in contests because you already have the prize and don't want to win it while someone else needs it more.  I respect that, but I want your names, too, so in your comment, just tell me that you don't want to be a part of the contest.  Got it?

So put your creative name minds to work and give me your best shot!


tri like mary

Red Piston popped into my head when I saw it. Will come back and comment again if I think of more - I love naming bikes!


My suggestions are as follows:

1. Robin Meade (personal favorite)
2. Rediculous (see what I did there?)
3. Rexecutioner (ZING!)
4. Reducator (it's starting to get played out)
5. John Stamos (nobody would expect it and he's so freaking cool).



The Red monster
Red Lightning
Big Red
Raging Red
The Louisville Slugger

Big Daddy Diesel

Congrats on the new bike, it looks sweet

or with a family ring to it "CJ" combining your son and wifes intials together

Ironman By Thirty

That is one sweet looking ride!

I had my doubts about you fitting on a 54 but it looks like Tom & Colleen got you dialed right in.

-The Red Devil (you might get kicked out of your church for riding the Red Devil though ;) )
-Edom (Hebrew for "red")
-Beast of the Southern Wild (like the recent movie which is very good if you haven't see it yet)

Hmmmm... I'll have to keep thinking. But please do not name it John Stamos... :-P

Enjoy the new bike!

Coy Martinez

Freight - :) like?

I love the bike and it looks like a great fit for you as well! Last night I went to my local bike shop to hang out with the bike mechanics and have them work on my seat on my road bike and it was all I could to not walk out of there with a TT bike. I don't really want one but I DO want a cycle cross bike for next season!

Luke Powell

'Ol Red
Red Velvet
Crimson Ride

Josh Woods

I'm not very creative...but the first one that came to me this morning was Red Velvet. Although, I'm a big fan of a couple of others that have already been posted. Since you're an Alabama boy, Crimson Ride is my vote. :)


Rojo relámpago


Wow, sweet ride! It looks great on you and I'm happy for you that you found a great deal!

I'm not good at naming, I don't even have a name for my own bike ('Piece of shit' has a nice ring to it though ;)) I'll remove myself from the contest, but I just wanted to drop a line anyway and say it looks great!


Sweet ride!! I'll second Kevin's suggestion of Big Red. Unique, awesome color, and originally only available in the TX & Louisville KY :P

PS-just noticed the banner pic with you and your little one--so precious!


Love the bike! And I'm so bummed I didn't know it was "born" in Seattle / I could have gone to check it out for you and helped you with it! :)
Ok so here are my suggestions (although your friend Donnie wins for John Stamos!!)
1) Rogue
2) Red Bull
3) Chile (or Chilly or however you spell the pepper!)
4) Rover (like Rec Rover...)
5) Blue (throw everyone off! And from the movie Old School- "You're my boy, Blue!!)

Yay for fun names!


Darn auto correct! I meant to say "Red Rover" in the comment above!
And one more: Clifford!!!! (The big red dog!) I mean, how perfect is that?!?!

Timothy Iuliano

1 Red shift
2 720 nano [red wavelength and well as two full spins =)]
3 The Russian steel
4 red badge of courage
5 green bike ( for the color blond people)
6 thin red lines
7 red bearing
8 seeing red
9 el matador
10 the mars rover
11 Nile rider
12 Cinnabar Handel bars
13 Vermilion marathon
14 Red Smith (like the sports writer)
15 red hammer
16 road rash
Ok Im done haha


bam. done.

Josh Woods

Ok so I thought I would give it another shot;) And these completely exhausted my creativity.
1. Road Rage
2. Redy
3. Time Machine
4. Tyrannosaurus Red

it's all about pace

nice ride... 54cm... perfect you can sell this one to me when you upgrade next year

Name: Heartfelt

Richard Hambrick


My name is Richard Hambrick and I am the Atlanta Chapter lead for Multisport Ministries. I ran across your blog and I live in Lawrenceville. Multisport Ministries is a Christian men's triathlon team and we would love to have you join the team. This combines 2 things you love. Your creator and your sport. I can be reached at

Name for the bike "en fuego"!


Congrats on the tri-bike, you are going to love it. I cannot believe what kind of a difference they make. I am not creative when it comes to naming bikes, so I cannot wait to see what you name it.


Red Riding Hood?
Beautiful bike! Hope you and Jenn are still planning to stay a night with us before your big race. Love y'all!


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