Monday, May 20, 2013

My Name Is What?

Monday, May 20, 2013  at 5:19 PM
Over the last week, I have been amazed with the creativity of so many of you to come up with fantastic names for my new ride!  You all could teach a class on naming bikes!  I have finally come to a conclusion on the name as well as the top 4 names that I really liked, but before I tell you, I have to tell you about what the winners are winning.

At the end of last year, I contacted two companies that create identification bracelets for cyclists or runners or any athlete for that matter.  The first company I contacted was  
I asked them if they would be willing to give me an ID to giveaway in some sort of blog contest.  They said that they have contests on their facebook page all the time to give them away, so if you'd like to win one, go HERE and "like" their page.  It looks like they are giving them away pretty frequently.  They also sent me an ID to tryout.  

It came in the mail just a few days later, and I was so excited!  It really is a neat design that has a clasp on the back to close easily and securely.  There are trim marks on the silicone band so that you can dial in the fit around your wrist by simply cutting off the excess.

The second company I contacted was ridiculously generous!  They are  They decided to give me an ID to try AS WELL AS one for Jennifer to check out.  Both of us really like them!  The one I got has a strap like a watch band that works well as it fits any wrist size.  
Jenn's is the classic "Livestrong" band style with a smaller ID on it.  

But that's not all...  They also wanted to give YOU some ID's as well!  So, they agreed to give away:
Aren't they a cool company?  For those of you that don't win, Yikes wanted you to have 10% off if you decide to buy one, so use the code YIKES888 to get the discount.

Now, on to the names.
Just in case you didn't read all 66 names in the numerous comments, here is a list (those in red are honorable mentions):
  1. Red Piston 
  2. Robin Meade
  3. Rediculous
  4. Rexecutioner
  5. Reducator
  6. John Stamos 
  7. The Red Monster
  8. Red Lightning
  9. Big Red
  10. Raging Red       
  11. The Louisville Slugger 
  12. Abianne
  13. Bedelia 
  14. Ezri
  15. Fallon
  16. Indira 
  17. The Red Devil
  18. Edom (Hebrew for "red")
  19. Beast of the Southern Wild 
  20. Freight 
  21. Sandtiger
  22. 'Ol Red
  23. Red Velvet
  24. Scarlet
  25. Crimson Ride 
  26. Road Rage
  27. Redy
  28. Time Machine
  29. Tyrannosaurus Red
  30. Rogue
  31. Red Bull
  32. Chile (or Chilly or however you spell the pepper!)
  33. Rover
  34. Blue 
  35. Clifford
  36. Red shift
  37. 720 nano [red wavelength and well as two full spins =)]
  38. The Russian steel
  39. Red badge of courage
  40. Green bike (for the color blind people)
  41. Thin red lines
  42. Red bearing
  43. Seeing red
  44. El matador
  45. The mars rover
  46. Nile rider
  47. Cinnabar Handel bars
  48. Vermilion marathon
  49. Red Smith (like the sports writer)
  50. Red hammer
  51. Road rash 
  52. Ronaldo 
  53. “En Fuego” 
  54. Red Riding Hood
  55. Charlie
  56. Wedgie
  57. Strawberry Bikesicle
  58. John
  59. Rolling Thunder
  60. Circle Squared
  61. Tabasco
  62. Pete
  63. Solo Cup
  64. Nile
  65. Eternal Wind
  66. Perpetual Tailwind

And the winners are...
Although there were many that I thought were fantastic names, the top 4 were 
                 Jenn Batchelor - RED RIDING HOOD
                 Kevin - LOUISVILLE SLUGGER
                 Josh Woods - TYRANNOSAURUS RED

And my bike's new name will be (drumroll please)...
(from Erika Myers) 

Please contact me at for instructions on how to get your prize!



Love it!!!


Chaffrey will know all about "The Big Red Dog" when he gets a little older, and I'm not referring to your new ride. Maybe you could have shirts made for the 3 of you with "the Big Red Dog" picture on the back and an embroidered logo of your bike on the front where the small 'polo' logo would go. Just a thought. Ann Siepman


LOVE Clifford!! Perfect!


Love the name you picked!

Coy Martinez

HAHAHA, I love it! That's a great name!

it's all about pace

good choice!

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