Saturday, May 04, 2013

Missing In Action (Emphasis on Action)

Saturday, May 04, 2013  at 9:12 AM
Well, I know it seems that I forgot my blog, again, but I haven't.  I just haven't blogged in forever!  And although I've been a little weak on commenting on everyone else's blogs, I HAVE been reading.  Sorry for the lack of comments.

While I might have been M.I.A. on the blog front, I have been keeping up the action of training.  In fact...
I Registered For Ironman Louisville!
Just yesterday, I finally sat down and forked out the dough to be a part of IMLou on August 25.  

It's going to be awesome, and I can hardly wait, although it HAS to wait, because I'm not ready yet!  There's no way I could swim 2.4, bike 112, and run 26.2 at this stage.  It just wouldn't happen!  But I am feeling like I'm getting there quickly.

For some reason, my runs have been REALLY good!  I'm not sure if something is clicking in my head or if my legs are just stronger, but I've actually enjoyed running recently.  Crazy, right?  I bet you never thought you'd hear that from me.  On my longer runs, I've been cranking them out in the low 8-minute range and feeling good the whole time.  It's weird, because I've been getting a second wind at around 7 or 8 miles, and then it's just smooth sailing from there.  I love it!

On the bike, although I still haven't gotten my speed back, I've been feeling really good too!  I've been able to crank out some longer rides with my good buddy Josh, and he always makes the miles fly by.
On a fifty miler
Just last Wednesday, we met up at the Silver Comet (I's flat, and Louisville isn't), and rode 76 miles.  We cut it pretty close as it was absolutely dark when we got back to the cars.  It did feel pretty cool to know that we had been out there for 5 hours and were the LAST people to leave.
Before the Ride
We've got a 128 mile ride scheduled for his annual birthday ride coming up in a few weeks.  That's going to be awesome!  I also got to ride with Mr. Tom Kingery!  It's great living so close to friends that you can train with.  

I'll be honest that I haven't been to the pool in awhile.  I know, I know.  I'll go back soon.  It is the least part of IMLou that I'm worried about.  I enjoy swimming and plan on relaxing for that part.  :)  Sound like a plan?

So that's a quick update on the training.  I've got some more blogs marinating, so I'll be cranking them out soon including some reviews on some cool products that I've had the privilege to try.  Plus, there's a contest coming up to help me name my new ride!

Thanks for reading, and good luck to all those that are racing this weekend.  I hope the rain holds off!



YAY! You are going to love IMLOU and have plenty of time to feel prepared for it. I love reading that you are enjoying the biking (especially since you can do it outside with friends!!!) and that the run miles are so effortless! Remember, biking and running will take up 90% of your day! You'll get through the swim just fine!

James Ford

Awesome! IMLOU is on my list to do!


It was great to get an update from you on the training. Congrats on pulling the trigger on the IM; you have time so don't fret about the training at this point. 128 mile training bike ride? 66.6 mile ride (appropriately named, "bike ride from hell" because I almost died - ha) was enough for me for about 2 years. :) Keep up the great work and post a pic of C soon!!

Ironman By Thirty

I don't know what is crazier... that you enjoy running... or that you waited this long to register! haha. Thankfully IMLou is one that doesn't fill up until the last minute (if at all)

You guys are both looking super fit!

Oh no you didn't!!! You are seriously going to leave us hanging on the bike!??!?!?! Ugh!

Good work!!!! I can't believe that you are doing an IM. That makes my heart rate increase just thinking about it. It will be fun to follow your training.

how about some more pictures of the little one?


Love that you are loving the run workouts! But yowza, a 128mi bike?! Louisville will feel like a breeze after that!


Awesome!! Ironman Louisville!! I hope we can meet up while we are there. Glad you are loving running. For me life is at its best when running is good. Looking forward to some training and new gear posts soon.


Josh Woods

You are a beast! It's been awesome training with you brother!

Big Daddy Diesel

ENjoy the journey


Glad to see you finally signed up for IMLou!! Looks like you have been able to put in some solid miles on the bike - I love riding the Silver Comet. Great job on the run too - low 8's is amazing!

it's all about pace

IM training... yeah!

good to hear about that running prowess....

as for the bike... like Eddy Merckx said "ride lots!"


SO excited for you!!! I'm sure your training is going really well and you are going to rock IMLOU! Maybe I'll make the drive down to watch...and no, I'm not signing up :)

Luke Powell

Oh yeah, IMLOU! Better get in some hills on that bike!

Coy Martinez

WOW!!! I'm so excited, I'll be there for IM Lou day and can't wait to cheer you on!! You'll love it! If you need any advice, I'll help. I've ridden the course and been on the run course tons of times! Sounds like you've got the biking totally under control and the run too...heck and the swim!

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