Thursday, June 02, 2011

Christmas in June?

Thursday, June 02, 2011  at 7:25 PM
Today was the day I had been waiting for, because there was a package waiting for me on the front porch.
What could it be?  There really was only one option.  I knew exactly what it was...
It was black, squishy and a Medium Long
It's my new WETSUIT!!!!!!!  

I think I scored a pretty good deal from a generous member who is leaving the country for awhile and getting rid of his gear.  He was actually selling two, and the one that I really wanted, the sleeveless Xterra Vector Pro2, had just been sold to a guy minutes before me.  He told me about this one, the Xterra Vortex 3, and said that he would sell it for $120 including shipping.  Normally it goes for $200 (with the BT coupon code) plus shipping, so I thought this was a good deal.  I'm pretty stoked.  I tried it on, and it fits perfectly, at least for the first time I've put a wetsuit on.  That's going to be awesome for this olympic triathlon this month and of course for Steelhead in August.  Hoorah!

On another note, I just discovered that I'm not a fan of Accelerade.  
I have talked to people, and they really like it, but I don't think it's for me.  I bought a big bottle (60 servings), and tried it, but I can't get over the protein in it.  I also feel thirsty after drinking it which makes me drink more water, causing my stomach to slosh around.  What a bummer!  What a waste of money!  I put it up on in the classifieds for $20, but no one is taking it.  I've tried 4 servings, and I don't know what to do with it.  Any suggestions?

Tomorrow I fly to Florida to drive a car back for a really nice doctor.  He is a snowbird and moves from Michigan to Florida for the winter.  I drove his car down there at Christmas and now will be driving it back.  It's a sweet deal, because he pays pretty well, plus, I get to see my family in Georgia/Tennessee for the weekend.  

Good luck to all of you that are racing.  I'll be looking for your race reports next week.  Go ROCK your races!!!  Thanks for reading.



Nice! New gear ALWAYS ups the motivation :)

Sorry about the Accelerade :( Lesson learned! (Trust me, ur not the only one to have made this mastake)

Ironman By Thirty

Awesome deal! Now, just don't rip yours like I did to mine :( (aka, don't let it dry out over the winter time and make sure to soak it overnight before wearing it for the first time of the season).

Sounds like a good gig you have there for your Florida trip. Safe travels!



Ive had mine on like 4x this winter
cant wait to try it out!

have a great wknd

Caratunk Girl

I love new gear, it always motivates me!! Listen to Kevin about the soaking it thing!!


Awesome wetsuit! Gotta love presents, even if you buy them for yourself! :)

Wish I had some advice on the Accelerade. I would have suggested BT too.

Matty O

yeah same deal with accelerade. made that mistake.

Costly one :(

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