Wednesday, June 08, 2011

T-minus 2 1/2 weeks...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011  at 8:57 AM
It is officially two and a half weeks till the Bear Lake Olympic Triathlon.  Jennifer and I are pretty stoked about it.  We have been "testing" ourselves this week to see if we're ready.  For instance, on Sunday, we decided to brick the full bike distance with the run distance.  Jenn went out in the morning and did super well, so I had to do the same later that evening.  I went out with little reserve to see how hard I could push on the bike and still be able to put together a decent run.  25 miles later, after riding at an average of 20.6mph, I was ready for the run.  I felt good and had really felt great on the bike.  I stayed in the aerobars for 95% of the time.  I was a little worried about the run because my legs felt pretty spent, but that wasn't the case.  I didn't need much time to get them going, and felt great the whole run.  6.2 miles later, I was finished.  I averaged 8:22's on my run, and I'll live with that!  This lets me know that I can really crank on the bike, and my legs should be ok for a decent time on the run.  I'm so excited about this tri!

Last night, Jennifer and I swam the farthest we've ever swam.  We started with a five lap warmup and then went for it.  My training plan had me swimming 2000 yards, but I ended up swimming 2250.  It was pretty great.  I forgot my stop watch, so I just swam right next to Jenn the whole way so she could keep track of how many laps we swam.  I have the hardest time counting my laps.  Anything over five is a struggle.  I felt pretty strong the whole time, but I noticed some pain in my shoulder part way through.  I tried to analyze my stroke to see what was going on.  I think I found that I tweak my shoulder in a weird way on every stroke.  That'll have to get fixed, because I'm pretty sore today.  When we were done, the lifeguard asked us how many laps we swam.  She seemed impressed that we dominated 45 laps.  It wasn't amazingly fast, but it gave us confidence about swimming the distance.  The Bear Lake swim course is perfect for me because I'm a "right-side-breather."  It looks like I'll be able to see the buoys on my right side when I breath.

Today, although it's supposed to be a high in the mid 90's today, my plan is to go for a 50 mile ride this afternoon once I'm out of class.  I'm afraid I'm going to melt out there, but with tons of hydration, I think I'll be good.  Hopefully I won't have any flats or anything else.

Blessings to you all as you train.  Thanks for reading!


Caratunk Girl

Good luck on your ride - definitely, hydration is key.

So fun to have it coming so close! You both are going to do awesome!! Good job practicing in OW

tri like mary

Can't wait to hear about this race!

Ironman By Thirty

You are already doing the full brick?? You totally got this race! I look forward to the race report :)

Hope you got in your bike ride today (and didn't melt).

Stay thirsty (I mean hydrated) my friend.


Tri ahead! very exciting
training is coming along nice swimming!
I just think swimming is like fruit and veggies
shoulder could just be getting worked
it will recover and be fine



Be careful out there in that heat!


It's easier to bike in the heat than run! :) Yep, lots of water!!!!

Great job on the brick. Good to practice hard efforts like that! You are both going to rock the race!


Oh man you have SO got this race! You sure the Olympic distance is enough for ya? hehe

As for your shoulder pain, are you dropping your elbow on your pull? Its hard to tell while you are swimming, soooo get some video!!! Post it up. We are good at dissecting your form :)

Caratunk Girl

You totally have this race!!! You are so going to kill the bike for sure, and your swim and run are so strong now!! I can see you getting stronger with each report, that is awesome.

Post a vid of your swim. Not that I can help with it because I am the worst swimmer in the world, but lots of other folks here will be able to help. Then I can read what they right and learn too! :)

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