Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Tuesday, May 31, 2011  at 8:40 PM
Are you ready for summer yet?  It's getting hot out there!  I'm starting to get a tan...well maybe just some serious tan lines in strategic "triathlete-only" areas like where the bike shorts and jersey stops.  Who wouldn't be proud of those babies?  I am lovin' me some sun!

Last week was solid with that personal-distance-record-breaking ride of 104 miles plus another short ride with Jenn, a couple decent swims, and two good runs of 4.5 and 6 miles at 8:25's.  But I wanted to start this week off a little different.

Instead of a long long ride and only a long ride on Sunday, I started out with my "long" run of the week.  Now keep in mind that this week is a recovery week, so my long run was only 7 miles.  But, it was some of the best mileage I've run.  I left around 10am with the temps already hot and humid and headed out on one of my favorite 6.2 mile loops.  The plan was to just add .8 mile on the end to make it a full seven.  I don't know if it was because I had fresh legs, or if I was just happy or what, but I felt good the whole run!  I ended up stopping my Garmin at 7 miles @ 8:09's.  That's really quick for me.  I followed that up with an easy 20 mile ride averaging 17mph.  Not a bad start to the week.

Memorial day, Jennifer and I had decided that we were going to do a long ride.  Her longest ride so far was around 30 miles, so I convinced her to go big!  Monday was REALLY hot, so we packed a couple water bottles each with plans to stop and refill a couple times at gas stations.  We got three miles down the road into downtown Berrien Springs and ran into a parade.  So, we stopped and watched the local high school drum down the street with the sousaphones and flutes in toe.  We saw John Deere tractors, an old Ford Model ?, and of course the town firetrucks.  Here we are right before we slipped through and continued our ride.
I know we always wear the same thing, but that's my most comfortable jersey for long rides!
Ten miles into the ride, Jennifer felt like her seat needed adjusted, so we stopped at a gas station to make the adjustment.  I pulled out my bike tool and loosened the bolt through the collar of her seat tube.  We slid her seat up about a half an inch, and I cinched down on the bolt only to find that IT WAS STRIPPED!  I know the guy that probably had tightened it too tightly many times before (ME), but taking the blame didn't help the fact that we were away from home with Jenn's seat all the way down.  We thought for a minute, and knocked on the front door of the gas station.  We could see a guy in there, but he came to the door to tell us that he just cleaned there and couldn't help us.  He directed us back down the road 2 miles to another gas station.  So, off we went with Jenn riding "clown style" like she was on a BMX bike.  I should have taken a picture, but I don't think that would have been a good idea.  We made it to the gas station, but they didn't have anything for us except to point across the street to a place called the fruit exchange.  Here's what it looked like, thanks to Google Maps Street View:
We went inside, not knowing what it was, but found rows and rows of bolts, nuts and washers.  The owner came over and helped us get just the right setup to get us back on the road.  He had one of his employees grab his tools to tighten it up for us, and HE DIDN'T EVEN CHARGE US.  What a blessing he was to be open on a holiday and then to be so generous.

This little incident didn't deter us from continuing our ride, so back on the road we went.  Josh and I found this sweet stretch of nice pavement that has a big shoulder that we call our "Time Trial Road," so Jenn and I headed there.  We did an out and back and finally made it home, ready for showers!  Jenn set a new distance record at 43 miles.  Way to go, babe!  It was a great day that included a cookout with a bunch of friends and then an evening full of moving boxes and furniture for some more friends.

All in all, I've had a decent month, and although I usually don't throw my monthly numbers around for fear of embarrassment, here's what I did in May.

  • Biking: 336 miles
  • Running: 57.15 miles
  • Swimming: 11,400 miles
  • Weight Loss: (Since December 26) 35 pounds

So far, the training is going super well.  Jenn and I have 4 weeks till our Olympic triathlon, but I've got my mind set on bigger things, like the Steelhead HIM!  August 14, here I come, baby!

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Great weekend and what a crazy fun ride for the 2 of you.

35 pounds! Great job!

it's all about pace

nice work guys!


Nice job on figuring out the bolt for the seat. I think there are bolts for sale out there that don't strip as easy as the ones that come standard on the bike. I prolly need to switch all of mine out one of these days.

FYI, I only have two cycling jerseys. They are both super comfy and I always wash so no worries about using the same jersey over and over again. No one notices, trust me! Well, now we will :)

Matty O

Nice job you guys! Seems everyone was out riding over the weekend haha.

11,400 miles last month in the pool? HOLY MOLY! ;)

You def. should have took a picture of her riding on the low rider bike hahah!

Matthew Smith

HAHA! Matty O showed my mistake on the swim "mileage." Obviously I didn't swim that far - it should have said yards. I'd be shriveled up like a prune if that were true or evolved into a dolphin or something.

kessia reyne

Haha. I was wondering about those 11,400 miles too-- I'm glad that those are actually yards! And that's still a LONG way! Way to go, Matt.

Ironman By Thirty

I have a solid RoadId tan line on my wrist. Love it.

Between your long ride last week and this one, you have had some seriously good luck with help from strangers.

35 pounds!?! Nice work! Must be the 11,400 ?MILES? you swam??? haha

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