Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running in the warmth is way better!

Sunday, February 13, 2011  at 4:56 PM
What a day to be alive!  Right now, says that it's 47* outside!  Isn't that incredible?  I can't tell you how happy I am to see the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.  (Am I speaking too soon?)

Today, Nick, Jennifer, Taryn and I went for our long runs.  I mapped out a 7 mile course around Berrien Springs that looped from my house to downtown and back again.
It was a route that we'd never run before, but I really enjoyed it.  Nick and I wanted to average 9:40/mile, and  I even set up my Garmin to have a training runner on there to run that pace.  Both of us got pretty tired, but we ended up dominating our pace and did it with a 9:20/mile average!  That's getting close to where we need to be...under 9 min/miles for the Holy Half.  We made sure to stretch really well after we were done so the soreness isn't as bad.  Great day--Great run--Great weather!

The goal this week is to put in some short runs as well as some cross-training on my bike.  It's supposed to rain some this week, so I'll probably still be on the trainer, but that's just fine.


Steve Finnell

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kessia reyne

I saw you today! You guys looked good out there, running strong and smiling too :) And a 20-second bonus-- that's great! Good job, Matt!

Ironman By Thirty

Great job on the run! 20 seconds faster than planned is awesome!

Matty O

Nice job. Wait until its 90 degrees out haha, we will see if you are still singing that tune :)


Don't you love the warm up?!?! Great job with the run!!!

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