Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Road Rage and the First Ride of the Year!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011  at 7:22 PM

It seems that every time I go running out on the rural roads of Berrien County, Michigan, I run into someone or more than one person that has a major problem that I'm taking up space on the pavement.  I've seen "the bird"...  I've been given "peace from the middle east"...  I know how to "read between the lines" (index and ring finger)...  And I just don't understand what the deal is with people being so ticked off about me running?
This morning, Jennifer and I got up to do our short run of 4 miles.  We plotted a new route on and left.  We do our best to stay out of traffic and try not to create havoc on the streets.  In fact, for much of our run, we ran behind each other because there was too much traffic to run side-by-side.  But it was on Garr Rd., which is a super rural road with apple orchards and only a couple houses, that we ran into our road rager of the day.  We were coming up to an intersection as I noticed him on the other side of the road.  He was chillin' in his Subaru WRX, and I wondered what he was going to do.  Sure enough, he revved his engine and dropped the "F-bomb" on us as he drove passed.  I can read lips just fine, and that was perfect to make our run enjoyable.  Jenn said, "Well, he might just be having a bad day," but he still didn't have to take it out on us.

Thanks for letting me rant...

The run went well, and we're looking to do 8 miles this Sunday.  It's been a while since I've run that far.  Hopefully the rain will hold off so we can enjoy that run a little more.

This afternoon, I had a massive test on the Issues of Daniel & Revelation.  I spent most of last night and this morning studying for it.  The syllabus said that we'd have two hours for the test, and then we'd have an hour lecture.  BUT, when the proctor came in to give us the test, she said that we could leave when we're done.  That was music to my ears!  Ever since I stepped outside this morning, I wanted to go for a ride on my bike.  So, I hammered through the test (I think I actually did pretty well), and then Josh, one of my best friends, met me for a quick 20 mile ride.  It was the first outdoor ride of the season, and even thouh  46* is a little cool on a bike, it was AWESOME!

I can't wait for the weather to warm up even more so I can really enjoy training outside!  

Steelhead, HERE I COME!!!


Matty O

As a triathlete you will grow thick skin very fast. We have had drinks chucked at us while riding our bikes. It's always an adventure, just be careful.

As for running, I only run roads in the winter since they are clear of snow and ice. Find some local trails or a park system that you can run in. Be safe man.


Ugh... people are mean. We get yelled at, run off the road and have things thrown at us, more times than I care to count! Be careful... drivers have no consideration for runners and bikers these days! :(

kessia reyne

I think what the gentleman in the Subaru was trying to say was, "I admire your fortitude and I wish I could motivate myself to exercise."

tri like mary

What IS it with the angry drivers? Maybe they're jealous? :-). Glad you had a good bike-still way to cold for this wimp. Bad enough I have to run in it!

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