Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

Tuesday, November 15, 2011  at 6:52 AM
This past weekend was a whole lot of fun and included some unusual dynamics.  I know it's Tuesday, but better late than never, right?  Here's what I did:

Jennifer and I worked from home for Dr. Kunze.  This job is kind of a side job when Jenn is not doing Dental Hygiene and I'm not working at my other job.  We basically do data entry for a German/English Theological Dictionary.  It's kind of a silly job, but it makes a little extra dough, and it's not that bad when we do it together.  Need a definition for a German word?  Click Here...  :)

After some work, we decided to go for a run.  We decided on just doing a 10k around one of our favorite loops.  It was such a nice run although it was a bit cold.  I'm so blessed to be able to workout and sweat a little with my awesome wife, Jennifer!  It's really cool to enjoy the same thing as your best friend.

Saturday morning, we did the usual...wake up, walk the dog, and get ready for church.  I had been asked to preach for church at the La Porte Seventh-day Adventist church this past Sabbath.  The pastor of that church was going to be gone, so while I did field school, he asked me to preach for him. (Remember what I was doing all last month with evangelism?)  Since I've been up here at Seminary at Andrews University, I haven't had a whole lot of opportunities to preach other than once in Washington D.C. for a special weekend back in January.  So, I was excited to be back in the pulpit.  We drove the 45 minutes to the church and had plenty of time to hook up my computer for some powerpoint action.  Here's a not-so-great picture of the front of the church.

After getting my mic on, it was time to start the service.  It's always a little awkward being at a church where the flow is a little different than what I'm used to.  I had a little head start on figuring out the order of the service because I had seen it a couple times in October.  It was also really great to know a few names and faces to tie in to the sermon.  Speaking of the sermon, I got a copy of it just for you.  Now, there is absolutely no pressure to listen to it, because it is about 30 minutes long.  But, if you've got the time, feel the urge to listen to a sermon, or just want to hear what I sound like, then here it is:

Tower Power from Matthew Smith on Vimeo.

Or, if you just want to see me in "action," here's a picture for ya:

Sunday:  Yesterday was filled with the normal boring things like homework and Nascar. (Don't make too much fun...I'm from the South)  Jenn and I did squeeze a 5k in to our evening plans right before dusk.  We had good intentions of running a long run, but the wind was CRAZY, so that wasn't going to happen.  I spent some time on the trainer too.  I'm really enjoying these indoor rides even though they can get boring.  I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be so sick and tired of the trainer, but what can you do?

We've got a week and a half till the Atlanta Half.  We might try to do one more longer run and a few more shorter ones.  Both of us are feeling very confident about this race. That's scary to me since the last time I was confident, I failed BIG time at the Holy Half Marathon.  Thanks for reading.



I use to speak German, my Great Grandfather and Grandfather only speaked German, so if I want to talk to them, I have to learn it, they passed many years ago and I havent spoke it since.

Congrats on being asked to give the sermon

You didnt admit to watching the Lions get beat down and throw hissy fits about it?

Caratunk Girl

So I took German for 2 years in high school and 2 years in college...and don't remember much and always got the Der Die Das mixed up...

I wasn't able to listen to the whole sermon (work and all) but I love that you said "awesome" within the first 20 seconds.

You can tell that you love what you do, that is so great!

I LOVE indoor rides. Not so that is all I want to do, but sometimes it is just nice not to have to worry about things like balance and cars and bumpy pavement..


I'm excited to check out the video!! I can't view it at work but will definitely take a look when I'm at home.


Good luck in Atlanta next week!


sounds like a good w/e.... and I think you are ready for a PR in Atlanta


Nice voice, and nice sermon (of the 10 minutes I listed :))...my father-in-law was a Presbyterian minister and I used to love his stories...yours are similar!

Indoor trainer and I will be pretty intimate here soon when the weather gets back....I suspect my basement treadmill will get jealous, but not too much as I'll probably be on it more than the trainer. Good job on a great athletic weekend! :)

Ironman By Thirty

Awesome sermon! You have been blessed with a gift. You did an awesome job taking about and expanding upon a single verse. That is what is awesome about Proverbs - they are simple and deep at the same time.

The Last Castle - loved that movie. Robert Redford is such an amazing actor. I could watch him in Spy Games or The Sting over and over again.

Alright, I do have to say I am slightly disappointed that when asking the question "Where will you run?" you didn't at least throw in a joke about running/triathlon. haha. kidding!

Sigh... Nascar... you can take the boy out of the South, but you can't take the South out of the boy... haha!


Great sermon! Thanks for posting the video! It was so nice to be able to hear it!

I'm with you on the blessing of shared interests with a spouse who just so happens to be a best friend. In my opinion, it's the only way to go. ;)


You are so good at what you do! The people at your church are lucky to have you :)

Glad you're feeling confident about your half... I on the other hand am feeling WAY underprepared with all the craziness in my life :( Oh well! Life goes on I guess!!


great sermon
you have a gift....i am uncomfortable saying a prayer for a table before eating:)



I love that you posted the video. So great to hear you doing what you love! :) Now to just see it in person...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm slightly jealous that you'll be running in Atlanta this week. Maybe next year for us!

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