Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Iphone Frustration! (Whining Alert)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011  at 5:38 PM

This post probably will have nothing to do with anything athletic, although my blood pressure rose several times during this process.  But, when it's all said and done, I FINALLY GOT MY IPHONE!

Jennifer and I have been behind the times ever since we got our first cell phones.  I've always had the freebie that they give you at the store.  We're both pretty economical cheap, so ever since we've been married, there was no way we were going to pay for a data plan.  Well, we finally caved in, but we got a good deal.  We decided to join my sister and brother-in-law on their family plan.  That way, everyone scores a good deal.  It turns out, we will actually pay LESS by having two iPhones with data plans.

Basically, ever since our contract ended on June 24, I have googled the new iPhone EVERY day.  I was up to date with all the rumors about iPhone 5.  I knew what the cases looked like before the phone came out.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  Can you imagine my excitement when the iPhone 4s was announced?  My sister was totally on the ball and called me asking if we were ready to Pre-Order on October 7.  Oh yes we were!!!  So, Mindy called on October 6 to talk with AT&T.  They said they would call her back the next day.  Well, it just so happened that she missed their phone call, so we technically didn't Pre-Order till October 10.  For all we knew, the phones were to be delivered to her house in Chattanooga on October 14, just like everyone else's!

With eager excitement and anticipation, we waited by our old phones to get the call that our NEW phones had arrived.  That call never came.  In fact, we waited several days.  Finally, Mindy got and forwarded an email to me that said that our phone had been back ordered and would be delivered in 21-28 days!  Are you kidding me?  That is ridiculous!  But we waited...

After two weeks of waiting, the money had been taken out of our account.  That email had stated that they would not take the money until the phones had shipped.  Well, I finally called AT&T to see what was going on.  They were of course no help, but said that we would have our phones soon.  Jennifer's white iPhone shipped that very day.  It arrived the next (IN CHATTANOOGA), and we continued to wait for my phone to ship.  Again, after another week, I called AT&T to see what was up.  They said that the black phones were more requested, but we should have it before the end of the week.

In the meantime, we decided to have my sister ship Jenn's phone to us.  I was already planning on driving down to Mindy's house, and I would pick mine up this past weekend.  USPS was supposed to deliver Jenn's this Saturday, but NO!  We again were so frustrated.  I felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning.  We were so ready for our new phones!

I drove down to Chattanooga on Sunday, and finally got my phone.  Man, I feel like one of the cool kids now.  Kevin Neumann wondered if I needed some help getting into the cool kid club.  See his Facebook message:

Well, Kevin, I made it, and so did Jenn!  Her phone arrived on Monday, and we've fallen in love with Apple.  I sure was missing out before I got this phone.  I absolutely love it!  It's so much fun and does everything!  Yes, it was worth the wait, and I'm really pleased.  Thanks for listening to me vent and whine.

On another note, we've got 15 days till the Atlanta Half-Marathon.  It's been pretty crazy around here, and I haven't been doing much running.  I'm sure Jenn and I will put in some more miles before race day, but I'm lacking a little motivation.  The best part of running on Thanksgiving day is not feeling guilty about pigging out later!!!  :)


Caratunk Girl

I felt left out this weekend, I have a dumb phone and everyone else had smartphones...mostly iPhones...I was jealous. NOW I am jealous of you guys. I need to get one of those things!


I cant wait to have a gigantic electronic thing implanted in my brain.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey)

I parted w/ my dumb phone 3 months ago and i will never look back! Glad you got your cool kids pass. Have fun with the marathon training!

Ironman By Thirty

Venting understood and acceptable. I have a bit of vent forthcoming in a post tomorrow about the new trainer I ordered. Shipping sucks!

Glad to see that you are now a cool kid! As if there was any question about it in the first place :)

I didn't realize your half marathon was on Thanksgiving! That is awesome! Guilt free eating for the rest of the day (or rest of the weekend if you want)

Good luck with the final weeks of training and taper!


But you got the evil AT&T version...


I love my iphone, I could never go back. I have the 4 but now I feel uncool cause I don't have SIRI. Congrats on entering this century. haha

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman

No joke, EVERY person I work with has an iPhone, most just got their 4S. I refuse to buy into the hype. I'm sticking with my prehistoric flip phone!

But enjoy the technology if you've got it!!


you're a cool kid! (there's an app for that...)


Congrats on now being a part of the "Cool Kids" club! Happy last minute training :)


Welcome to having everything you ever can think of at the tip of your finger tips, any time, any place, smart phones are cool, wait till you see how quickly you rely on them and when the networks go down, how it will drive you nuts


Enjoy the new phone. I still don't know half of what mine does.
Yay for a thanksgiving half!


Yay for your iPhones finally arriving! Have your lives been changed yet? ;)

Good luck with your final half-marathon prep!


Ah - fun... the cool kids club. I'm not in it (I have an Android... don't hate), but I've heard it's a cool club! Congrats!

I'm so jealous you are running Atlanta. Tom will be there next week and then we'll both be there the week after Thanksgiving. I don't think we timed that well...


I have a Blackberry...apparently, I'm about a 2 years late being on the cool list so maybe in two years I'll get an iPhone; but my 20-year old just got one and I do drool over it when she comes home!

I just looked up where Berrien Springs, MI is....I spent a lot of summer's at Grand Haven (where my kids' dad is from...he went to UofM) so wondered if you were nearby. Love Michigan :).

Good luck working on the upcoming miles for the half! It'll all be good!! :)


Sooo worth the wait - right?! ;)
Freaking love my phone.

Thx for comment today & well always. Appreciated.


Rob is finally a cool kid with his iPhone but I have a Droid... So I am only partially cool I guess :)

Yay for the half in 2 weeks!!

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