Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's just the Beginning!

Sunday, January 02, 2011  at 8:51 PM
Well, here is the first post of many posts about my journey of exercise and health.  Actually, that sounds really boring, but if you're reading this, you either share in the same passion to use your body the way God created it to be used, or you're family.  This blog will serve as an online journal of my endeavors to reach goals and complete events that I might not be able to without motivation.  Thanks for your support!

It's January 2, 2011, and I'm stoked about this year.  It's going to be AWESOME!  I have set the bar pretty high on my list of hopeful achievements.  They include running events, biking events, and a half-ironman as the paramount event of the year.  I'll share more about them in a later post.

This journey is an ongoing journey that started when my wife, Jennifer, challenged me to.  She had completed a couple triathlons with her mother, Kathy, and I felt left out.  So, I signed up for my first one.  It was just a sprint triathlon in Maryville, TN called the Foothills Sprint Triathlon on Memorial day in 2009.  I finished 6th in my age group and way in the middle of the pack overall.  Here's the link to the results. It didn't matter to me, because it was my first, and all I wanted to do was finish.  In fact, the race was just the prize for all the work that went into the training!

In August 2009, Jennifer and I did  the Quintana Roo/Sport's Barn Sprint Triathlon in Chattanooga, TN.  It was another benchmark "high" for motivating me to do events.  My results weren't shocking, and in fact, I was pretty much average as I finished 20th in my age group out of 56 and 149th overall.  Here are the results.

Then on Thanksgiving day, 2009, Jennifer and I completed our first half-marathon in Atlanta, GA.  I enjoyed the run with my wife at her pace.  It was pretty cold, but we thought it was a blast.  Here are my results.  I am so blessed to have a wife that motivates and strives to achieve goals too!

2010 was a pretty crazy year.  I don't have too much to show as far as events except for a duathlon that I completed with my dad in Savannah, GA.  It was pretty short, 1 mile run, 13.1 mile ride, and then a 5k.  But, I did finish first overall.  It's really not that impressive because there weren't that many people there. But I did get a plaque and bragging rights.

Since then, we've moved to Berrien Springs, MI so I can complete my Masters of Divinity at Andrews University.  I haven't done any events since the move, but I did fulfill one of my New Years Resolutions for 2010 by riding 1000 miles on my bike!  Many of them have been on the trainer since it's so cold up here.

2011 is going to be a great year, and I look forward to all the different challenges it will bring!

 Let the training begin!


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