Monday, January 03, 2011

Cruisin' for Losin'

Monday, January 03, 2011  at 8:42 PM
Just over a week ago, I was floating on the Norwegian Sky cruise ship out to the Bahamas.  It was so much fun!  Jennifer and I had been on a cruise before, but now it was with the whole family, Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother-in-law, and of course the two of us.  We had a blast.

Pretzel Roll

The ONLY bad part to the trip was this little guy...

These pretzel rolls were amazing!  They were available almost all the time, and there was always plenty of them with a little butter to go along.  I ate enough for 10 people.  When we finally got back to Michigan, I stepped on the scale to find out that the pretzel rolls had stayed with me!  I was 210.4 lbs!  That's the highest I've been in awhile.  So, starting last Sunday, I've really been on the Cruise to Lose.  I just stepped on the scale tonight, and it reads 202 lbs.  That's 8.4 lbs in a week...not bad!  I've been eating two meals a day that are about half the size that I normally eat.  Then, I have exercised at least once a day and several times twice a day except for Saturday.  My goal is to eventually be at 175 lbs by August 14 in time for the Steelhead Half-Ironman!  A closer challenge is to make it to 190 lbs.  Once I reach that mark, I'll register for Steelhead 70.3.  Here's a link to my weight chart that keeps me motivated.  Hopefully this "Cruise" won't end any time soon!


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