Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ironman Predictions

Wednesday, August 21, 2013  at 7:03 PM
As you can tell, life has been full of everything else other than blogging, but I thought I would at least give out some predictions of what I think will happen on Sunday when I finally get to the day I've been waiting for...Ironman Race Day!!!  What a day it is going to be!

I Predict... that Sunday will be the hardest and most rewarding day of my entire life.

I Predict... that although it is going to be tough, I will keep a smile on my face throughout the race (mostly) :)

I Predict... that I will have the greatest cheering crew out there including Jennifer, Caffrey, Dad and Grandpa Smith, Trevor and Wyntre Stout (Jenn's bro and wife), Tom and Colleen Kingery, Brittany Woods, Neil Arnold, and countless others tracking online and cheering from different states.

I Predict... that I'll be able to see them all very clearly, because they'll be wearing THESE babies!!!

I Predict... that there will be something that happens that I didn't expect, didn't plan for, or didn't want to happen, and I will adjust, be flexible, and go with it!

I Predict... that there will be a whole lot of people that finish in front of me, but there'll be a bunch behind me too.

I Predict... that I'll make a ton of new friends, especially out on the run course.

I Predict... that I will see Josh Woods, Karen Whitlock, David Brannon, or Keith Shoemaker out on the course somewhere, although I'm pretty sure that they all will be waiting at the finish line by the time I get there.

I Predict... that it is going to be hot.  REALLY HOT, but I'm ready for that and will continually be drinking!!

And here are my PREDICTIONS for my race splits.

          SWIM: 1 hour 30 minutes
               I'm a slow swimmer, and I'm just going to take my time.  This is the smallest part of the day, and there is no need to blow up because of a cooked swim.
One of the most unique Ironman swim starts...
          TI: 10 minutes
               Again, why hurry?  I want to make sure I don't forget anything.

         Bike: 6 hours 34 minutes
               So here is the big question.  To get this time, I'll average 17mph.  I know I can go a whole lot faster, but I don't want to pop on the run, so I think it's in my best interest to back it down and take it easy.  That being said, if I'm feeling good, I wouldn't mind averaging faster.  We'll see what happens!

It's a beautiful course full or horse farms.
          T2: 8 minutes
               I'm changing at both transitions, so it might take me quite a bit of time.  Plus, there could be some stretching at this one.  It's only 26.2 miles left, right?

          Run: 5 hours
               I don't enjoy running usually, and I doubt I'll enjoy it any more after doing 2/3 of an Ironman.  So, let the death shuffle begin!  The plan is to run between the aid stations as far as I can go.  I've got a bunch of Ironfans that may or may not hop out on the course to run (walk, let's be real!) a little bit with me.

Finish line on 4th Street Live!!!
And Lastly, I Predict... that at the end of the day, I WILL be an IRONMAN!!!!!

Thank you to all that have supported me through this whole journey.  We've got one very very long day until it's done.  If you would like to track me, my bib number is #1456, or you can search for Matthew Smith in the 30-34 age group.  This is my first race in that group!  Yikes!  I'm getting old!!!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey)

Can't wait to cheer you on (from home) and track you all day Matt! i'll be sending positive race mojo your way! You are ready!

Ryan Hodgins

I will be checking for you bid. Have fun buddy, it will be a much better day if you relax then if you stress and rush. Good luck, and God bless! I wish I could be there to see you fly by. Can't way for your insights as I am longing for my day next year. Enjoy!

Dave Smith

Buddy, You can't make your Mom and Me prouder of you in what matters most!-----Commitment to God, your Family, and helping people. You already display medals and trophies for those! But, here's one Dad grateful for our sizable branch of Smithdom that it's My Son who for all of us has chosen to train for and throw himself at one of the most demanding athletic feats known to mankind! May the Lord Who's given you health help you pace, persevere, and recover. I'm confident about the finish line, but if something happens, a medal cannot make us love you more!! Dad & Mom


So excited for you! We'll be cheering and ringing our bells! :) Go get em buddy... YOU GOT THIS!

tri like mary

Remember to take everything in around you and relish every moment! My first was one of the toughest, and most amazing, of my life. Good luck!


Can't WAIT to track you!!! You got this - enjoy every moment of the experience!


Ok 1st - I cannot wait to stalk you! 2nd - I hope you have a very fun race day! 3rd - I love the support crew shirt!!

James Ford

Have a great race! I know you are ready!

it's all about pace

I predict that you will be an IRONMAN!

go get 'em Smitty!

Coy Martinez

I'm so excited for this weekend! Of course I'm nervous too but more excited! Looks and sounds like you're ready and have some serious goals that you can achieve! I hope you hit them all!

Cory Reese

Dude. I can not wait to read your race report after this bad boy. You will do awesome. Good luck! I'll be thinking about you on race day.


Hello! I'm sad we didn't get to meet in LV - things were way busier than anticipated! I hope you had a good race, and I'm looking forward to reading your report! :)


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