Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slow Down! (Pic Dump)

Thursday, February 28, 2013  at 7:00 AM
Oh my word!  Life has been so ridiculously busy recently, and I think I've made it through the toughest part.  For awhile there, it was hard to even take a breath without feeling guilty that I had more things to accomplish and get done.  So here is a list of some of the highlights.

 I finally have gotten motivated to get into some serious training.  The last couple months have been so crazy that I haven't felt the motivation to prioritize triathlon.  That being said, I have been putting in some decent workouts that have left me feeling like I have a really decent base to go off of when my training schedule really ramps up into some serious mileage.  I have found a really nice 7.5 mile loop near my house that is my favorite route right now.  I've also discovered how much harder it is to run while pushing a stroller.
Caffrey usually goes right to sleep.  It was cold that day!!!
Weight Watchers
When Jennifer got pregnant, she said that she wanted to do Weight Watchers after the baby was born.  She had incredible success before, and we both knew that she would have great success after.  I told her that I'd do it with her, so as of now, we've done it for 8 weeks, and I'm down 17 pounds!  Woohoo!  I'm a whole lot like Matty O...we both put on some winter weight and then use it as motivation when the season starts again.  I hear he's dropping a ton of weight too!  Jenn is having great success too, and it's actually really fun to do it together.

New Brooks Stuff
I ordered a bunch of Brooks stuff (THANKS, BROOKS!) so that I can "run happy."  They really hooked me up with the Brooks ID program.  It's awesome!  I got a hat, some tights, some compression shorts, but my favorite is my new jacket.  What do you think?
It's super warm and really comfortable!
I think I'll be placing another order soon.  What an awesome company to be so generous.  Go buy some Brooks stuff!  :)

New Bike
Some of you know that I bought a tri bike.  Why has there not been a special post about it yet?  Well, I'm still trying to figure it out.  I bought a 54cm, and I like it, but I feel a little crammed.  Then, a couple days after I bought it, I saw the same bike, only a year newer, basically brand new and a 56cm for $1000 less.  So, needless to say, I bought that one too!  It'll be arriving shortly, and I'll have to do a comparison.  I'll be selling the one I don't need, so anybody need a TT bike?  I'll do a special post about it, AND
There'll be a NAME CONTEST to follow!
Little Caffrey has been getting so big!  He weighed in at 12 pounds a couple weeks ago when he went to get his shots.  Poor guy...he didn't know what was about to happen.

He's really starting to move around alot.  We even think he might roll over this week.  He almost had it a couple nights ago.
He's been enjoying seeing all of his family including Grandy (Jenn's Step-dad):
and Great-Grandpa & Grandma Smith:

and Grandpa and Grammie (My Parents):

4 Generations of Smiths
and Nana (Jenn's Grandma):

This weekend, Grandy and Mimi (Jenn's mom) will be staying at our house for some Caffrey time.

Special Event Speaker:
I got the opportunity to preach for the Public High School Retreat that our Conference puts on for any Seventh-day Adventist that is in public school.  It was a fun weekend with about 100 kids that showed up.  Here's one of the times that I preached.

I also had the privilege of flying out to Loveland, CO to be the Week of Prayer speaker at Campion Academy.  I preached twice a day and then once on Saturday for church (11 times in 6 days!!!!!).  It was CRAZY but fun at the same time.  Here's what it looked like going down.

The Chaplain of Campion is our good friend Nick Clark and his wife Taryn.  We got to spend a whole week with them, which was awesome!  He's a fantastic pastor/chaplain, and it was fun to see him in action.
It was also the first time they got to see Caffrey.

You may be wondering how the plane rides went with Caff.  They were GREAT!  Jenn fed him going up and coming down, so he did terrific!
The past too days, I have been at Cohutta Springs Youth Camp, which is our church's summer camp.  Jenn, Caffrey and I went there for an Ordination Review.  I had to put a massive portfolio of my ministry this far together for them to check out and interview us.  This morning, they unanimously affirmed my ministry and I will be ordained this summer.  Pretty cool!  Here's what my portfolio looked like.

Well, now you are all caught up on what's been going on in the Smith home.  I hope you enjoyed the pics.  Don't forget to be thinking of bike names (Hint: it's red) and have them ready for the upcoming contest.  I think I've got some pretty cool prizes that you'll like if you're into sports at all.

Thanks for reading!



So happy to read this!! And I thought I was busy - sheesh!! Way to go on the weight loss too- that is so awesome and will make you so speedy for IM! Can't wait to continue reading about all of your adventures and training!!

Ironman By Thirty

56cm.... no doubt about it. We're about the same height and I am on a 56cm and can't imagine being on anything smaller.

Can't even think about names until I see it and you together though ;) Although my first thought is something like "The #140.6". However, that would require loading it up with a bunch of sponsor stickers Nascar style ;)

Love all the pictures!!!!

Keep up the training!


Love all the pictures! My fav is probably the "Generations of the Smith's". :) Glad you have gotten in some good base mileage and found a great place to run. Pushing a stroller while running has to be hard, but I bet you will fly during your races since they will be stroller free.

Love the Brooks jacket! I love their running clothes. That is pretty awesome that you are in the Brooks ID program. Soooo jealous ;)

Congrats on getting ordained this summer. (It's the year of the Smith's) Oh and great job to the both of you loosing weight, that is pretty hard to do.

Keep up the good work!


Wow, you have been busy!! Congrats on the weight loss! It's great that you and your wife can work on it together.

How did you hear about/get into the Brooks ID program? I'm kind of a Brooks freak and would love to hear more about it!


Caffrey is getting big! Love that pic of him trying to roll over - ha ha- almost there :). You have got a lot of good things going on!

Cory Reese

I think you need to do some picture dumps more often, these were awesome! That Brooks gear is looking good, and your run times are going to progress big-time because of the time pushing the baby stroller.

Great update amigo!


Congrats on the upcoming ordination!!! That is so AWESOME. That black and white picture of you at the prayer retreat is just plain bad ass. We're looking for a time to come meet that sweet boy. Maybe April?


I can't believe how big Caff is getting! Ahhhh... and love those cheeks of his!

Yay for training going so well. You forgot to add the part about the 15 year old that you were chasing to make you run faster with the stroller. :)

So glad that you had a great trip to Colorado and that you could speak to so many kids at the weekend retreat - I know you made a difference in their lives! Congrats on the confirmation that you'll be ordained this summer! That's awesome

Caratunk Girl

I have so much to say!!!
1) great work on training!
2) I love Brooks!
3) Caffrey is freaking adorable! I love the roll over (almost) picture
4) Those pictures of you preaching are awesome. You look so full of great energy!
5) I need to go run now


I have been so out of the blog loop. You have been so busy - it's great! Maybe one day the kids can race together : )


Wow you've been busy. Congrats on the weight loss. Love the pictures of Caffrey.

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