Sunday, November 25, 2012

Makin a list and checkin' it twice

Sunday, November 25, 2012  at 10:00 AM
Are you ready for Christmas?  At this point, I could almost care less about Christmas and any presents at this point because I'm ready for the greatest gift I'll get this year...a son!!! 

The baby room is finished.  

The changing table is ready.  

The forms are filled out.  

We've gone through birthing class.

Jennifer has made her lists (there's more than one) of a birth plan, a who-you-call-when-the-baby-is-born list, and there's a couple more.  She's got the bag packed, and we're just so freaking ready for the baby to get here.  

The worst part is how uncomfortable she is!  She has a hard time sleeping or sitting or doing pretty much anything including putting her shoes on.  She's got a terrific attitude about everything, but I find myself pretty much helpless.  Other than tying a shoe or helping her up once in awhile, there isn't much I can do to make this baby come.

The due date is THIS FRIDAY, November 30, and we can't wait.  We're afraid that he's gonna come late, but we're so ready now!  It's going to be an amazing adventure, and it can't come soon enough.  We're so stoked!  I'll blog about it all once it happens, but if you want more current updates, follow me on twitter or facebook.  Thanks for reading, and keep us in your prayers as it's unknown for us both.


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey)

this is so exciting! way more than any race that's for sure. wishing you both a very smooth delivery and keeping you both in my prayers. can't wait to see lots of pictures of your son.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman

I can certainly understand the excitement brewing as well as the frustration at not being able to help ease her pain/discomfort. It will all be over soon and you'll have more to do than you can imagine!

wishing you all the best!!


any minute now! I was wondering when she was due - had no idea it was so soon. Praying for an easy delivery :)


So stoked for you guys...praying for an uncomplicated delivery...hoping we can make the text list :)

Vicky Cook

1st baby! This is such a special time, your wife looks great - very neat. All things come to those who wait, all mine were 42 weeks plus (number 3 was 43+2 days). Keep busy it helps, look forward to the good news!

Vicky Cook

ps you're a fast worker, it was only a week or so ago I suggested you need a heap of kids to make you run faster ;D


YAY!!! You guys are so ready! And Jenn is amazing, that's all!!! I love that birthing class picture. Too funny! I can't wait to meet Baby Smith!


Sooooo exciting!! The car is adorable, the baby is going to love it. And yeah, those last couple weeks of pregnancy are pretty rough....I think it's someone's way of telling us how the baby is going to make sleep a bit rough when it's a newborn, so you're just getting acclimated :). Can't wait for you guys!


I'm soooo happy for you guys! I know it must be hard waiting around on pins and needles waiting for this this little fella. Jennifer still looks amazing even if she is not getting much sleep!!!

I'll be praying for a speedy and safe delivery! Have a great week.


EEEE!!!!!!!! I'm so so SO excited for you! I can't wait to hear the amazing news and see pictures of your beautiful son! I wish Jen the best in the coming days - I know how tough it is and hopefully she can rest!
BEST to you!!!


Can't wait for the next post! So very exciting for you!!!!


WOW!! so close! very exciting cant wait to hear about everything.
Best Wishes

Caratunk Girl

OMG OMG did it happen yet????? I am always behind on blogging. BUT EEEK. Very excited for you guys!!!

kessia reyne

I like the Bug-themed nursery decor. Very Smith-y!

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