Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random New Things

Sunday, December 18, 2011  at 6:23 PM
Thanks for the votes for the gingerbread houses.  I'm pretty sure that Kevin and Jennie won with the one on the right, although I did get several comments about the roof on the Smith's gingerbread house.

Obviously, since it is the "off season," I haven't been doing a whole lot of actual training.  For the most part, I have been spending 4 or 5 nights on the trainer downstairs as my workouts.  Don't jump on me too bad; I go HARD when I'm down there.  But, there hasn't been much running or swimming going on.  I do have to take a second to brag on my awesome wife.  She has been on the trainer just as much and probably more than I have been, but this afternoon, she switched it up a bit and went for a quick 5k.  I was out washing our car, but when she came back she reported to me that she had just run her fastest 5k at 8:57's!  That's so stinking fast from where she was at the beginning of the year.  Jenn is definitely the Most Improved Athlete!  Way to go Jenn!

Now, on to the random newness...

#1: "The Stick"
At the Atlanta Half Marathon, Jennifer and I got introduced to a sweet little item that might be the best weapon in the recovery arsenal.  Say "hello" to "The Stick."
This baby is amazing!  I'm sure many of you athlete followers of this blog have one, but we didn't.  If you don't know what it is, it is basically a bendable muscle stretcher that you rub on your muscles to get rid of soreness and pain.  I actually went to the expo with some tightness in both of my legs, but after 2 minutes with "the stick," I felt so much better.  We actually didn't buy it at the expo, but did the day after the race for some instant pain/relief.

#2: Maglee's House Coat
Our little pup, Maglee, is a short-haired dog, and this means that winter isn't her favorite part of the year.  It could be 80 degrees in our house, but she will still sit on the bed and shiver.  We've tried to buy her jackets and sweaters, but because she has such a big chest and tiny waist, they never fit really well.  We decided that we were just going to have to make a custom house coat for her that would really fit, so here's how it went down by way of pictures...
I had to make some measurements...  Doesn't my "model" look more like a Dachshund?  
I used some scraps to make a test jacket to make a pattern
After drawing the pattern onto the fleece, it was time to cut the real jacket
Using my mom's old sewing machine, I started stitching it all together
It was obvious that Maglee was already enjoying the soft warmness.  She was excited!
Finally it was done and ready to be worn.
Perfect fit!
It even has velcro to keep it tight.
#3: My new ringtone
Now I know some of you might be thinking, "Personal ringtones are so 90's.  That is lame!"  But hold your horses, because you haven't heard mine.  My good buddy, Donnie Keele, is gifted in so many ways, but he's really good at mixing some pretty sweet beats too.  I had asked him a couple times to make me one, and so when he got some free time over Thanksgiving break, he made me one.  Here it is!
I's pretty amazing and hilarious!  He does it all: the rapping, the singing, the mixing.  I told him that he needs to make a website and start selling personalized ringtones for everyone.  You could just tell him about yourself and your personality, pick from a couple different beats, and then he'd make one just for you.  In fact, if you think he should turn this into a business, shoot him an email at to let him know you want one!

So, although my blog is going from being about training to more of a blog about life, I've been staying in shape and dreaming about triathlons and other events in 2012.  Actually, I made a new page at the top with some possibilities for next season.  Tell me what you think.  Thanks for reading.


kessia reyne

suh-weet! These are all great random things. Since Jenn isn't blogging much, tell her I think she's awesome!

I think Maglee looks great and I'm super impressed that you made her that house coat!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ring tone A LOT! I am hiring you to make my quilt! I'm starting to box all the shirts up. It is going to be a huge quilt. You are so talented and your dog looks so happy and warm now. Custom doggie clothing ...i think you need to go in business doing this. And your friend most definitely needs to go into business with the custom ring tones. I would buy one fo shizzle!
3 cheers for you wife on a stellar run! And to you for maintaining your fitness during the off season. There are no real rules so if you don't feel like swimming or running, no biggie, but come Feb/March, no more slacking! Do I see Florida 70.3???? Yay!!


The ring tone is awesome!!
Um, and nice sewing skills by the way - can you make me a sweater while you're at it!? I'm totally impressed :)
Way to go to Jennifer too - kicking butt on her runs!
YES to IM in 2012 - we can train virtually together - I am going to need your help!! The other races sound great too - hard to choose :) I hope I can do one with you - maybe I can travel to one or two with you!

Ironman By Thirty

Wow! So much good stuff here.

First off, I'm sticking with my call of a tie.

Second, awesome work Jenn! What an awesome improvement over the year!

I am super impressed with your sewing ability! (not so much the drawing skills though... ;) haha j/k) Although Maglee doesn't look she is all together thrilled with the idea :) That look on her face is priceless. I'm sure she'll be much happier when she realizes how warm and styling she is.

Donnie sure is talented! Photography and music? What a guy!


How cute is that puppy!!!! You know I love me some boxers! ;) My Duke didn't have much problem with the cold...but the heat really slowed him down.

Great ring tone and props to Jennifer!


Opps, sorry I missed the post about the gingerbread houses, but I went and peeked and I really like them all. I have tired to make those with the kids but we eat too much candy and then it looks barren - ha.

I was laughing at the dog diagram but the fact you can SEW is awesome! The little coat fits your dog perfectly and bonus that he really likes it. Nice work. You should go into the dog coat business :).

Congrats to your wife on her 5k PR, that is fantastic!

Caratunk Girl

The dog diagram was pretty funny, but you sew awesome!! I have some pants that need hemming (all of them) haha Maglee must be happy happy now!!

YAY Jennifer!

Cool ringtone.

OH, and the blogs about life are just as good and interesting to me as the training ones, maybe even more so!

The stick. It is awesome.


I love the sweater you made - that is totally awesome! I am sure your little cute pup really appreciates it was well :) LOL - the drawing by the way does look exactly like one of my moms dogs.

Sweet ringtone, by the way.

Glad to see you have some Chattanooga races on your calendar for next year. Hope to meet up with you guys then. Also - I have some friends doing IM Lousiville and we are planning on going up to cheer everyone on.

Have a great Christmas!


I want the stick

Ummmm, I dont think Maggie likes her new coat


Oh goodness! That dog sweater is fantastic - way to go on your mad stitchery skills. Just fantastic!!!!!


4-5 nights on the trainer?? I'm impressed! And congrats to Jenn on her speedy 5k!! That's about what I need to hit to get a new sub 27 minute 5k race PR, but my training runs tend to be slower... ;)

Start to finish, let me just say that I love Maglee's new coat! The nose is far and away my favorite part of the drawing, and I'm totally taken with your vintage sewing machine! Happiness is a warm puppy!


Oh my gosh... you sew! That's too awesome and that coat is ADORABLE! :)

Yay for Jenn... she's a superstar!!! Love hearing about people working hard and it paying off.

We love out stick. And our foam roller. :)

That ring tone is amazing!

Rach @ Girl on the Run

Maglee is so cute!


Love it all! Still have to try the stick — I've been using the foam roller. Oh, and I'm impressed with Maglee's coat.

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