Sunday, September 18, 2011

To Run or Not to Run. That is the question.

Sunday, September 18, 2011  at 6:36 PM

I had several goals this year.  One was to complete a Half Ironman...CHECK.  

Another was to ride a century...CHECK (and I'm doing it again one week from today with Jennifer!) 

Another kind of faded into  the background, and that was to run a marathon.  I thought about doing Chicago, but I was too indecisive, and it sold out before I made up my mind.  If I had started the training as soon as the 70.3 was over, I would be able to run one this fall, but I slacked off instead.  I had sort of written off running a full marathon this year until I read up on the Jacksonville Marathon today.
It is listed as one of the easiest marathons, and that's right up my ally for my first.  The word on the street is that "You can iron your dress shirt on the course."  Now that's flat!  Although flat can be easier, I wonder if I would rather a little more rolling hills to keep it interesting.  Now, you may be thinking, "Jacksonville, Florida?  That's nowhere near Michigan!"  Well, that's one of the reasons I'm actually considering this.  The Marathon is on December 18, 2011. Jenn and I are planning on going down there the weekend after that anyway for a little family Christmas vacation at her parent's condo in Jax. Beach.  So, since I'd be out of school anyway on break, I would just fly down the week before, run the marathon, and spend a week at the beach to recover.  Now that sounds like a good plan!
Actually, it even gets better because the registration fee is only $65.  Not only that, but if I fly down early, it costs EXACTLY $65 less to go early.
So what do you think?  I've never run a marathon before.  I only have 13 weeks from today to train.  The only reason I think that I can handle starting 5 weeks late is because I feel as though I have a really good fitness base from training all summer for Steelhead.  My boy Hal Higdon gave me a shortened plan that would have me running my long runs starting this week at 7 miles which should be a piece of cake.  Jenn and I have been running quite a bit the last few weeks, so I really feel like I could step up into training and be fine.  Anyway, let me know if you think this is a good call for me to sign up, or if you think I'd be signing up for too much too soon.


Ms. Duffy

Two things - one, how much are you running now? Your aerobic base is probably huge from half iron training and Hal is great about conservatively getting you to a point where you can cross the start and finish lines (but not necessarily run to your potential). Two, what will the temperature difference be between where you live and Florida in December? If the daily temp is 20 degrees hotter that could be a big issue (you know, like that random spring day when it's 75 degrees after you've seen a string of 50 degree days - the run on that day is so much slower and hotter than it would be after a summer of hot training runs!)

If those 2 things are good to go you should go for it and have fun!




DO IT!!! All of the stars have aligned for ya. Have fun!


You should totally sign up! 26.2 miles is nothing compared to 69.1 you did at Steelhead :) Good luck!


I think you should do it... but only if you let me take you guys out to dinner while you are in town.

BTW I will likely run it again as well.


Oh my gosh, you should totally run it! It's like the stars are aligned and it was meant to be. 13 weeks is plenty of time, considering how much you've been training all spring/summer. And the cross training/biking will totally help you! If you need any advice on a training plan, let me know!


If you decide against it, we are planning a blogger reunion on Glass City in Toledo on 04-22, they have have both the half ($40) and full (I think $55) with Matty, H, Kevin, Colleen and Tom, you are invited


The race costs $65, and the cost of flying down early is $65 cheaper... That sounds positively providential! :)

Ironman By Thirty

My gut tells you to do it, but with one warning. Training in Michigan for a Florida marathon is going to be be tough. I didn't know how hard it would be myself until I did Honolulu in December last year. Also, it totally depends on how active you want/need to be after the race. I would plan on not really being able to walk much for at least 2 days and probably 4 days before you are feeling 90%. I totally know that you can (and should) do a marathon. Don't rush it though and enjoy the training that goes into it.

Personally, I like BDD's idea of Glass City ;) Although I didn't know I was officially signed up for that one though. haha


do it. :)



Cory Reese

Um....go to the website and push the PAY button NOW. Stop reading this comment and go register.

Okay, welcome back. You already have the fitness base and you understand your body well enough to know when to back off and rest (definitely don't forget rest).

This quote got me to register for my first: “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”

Go for it!

Matty O

My thoughts. You will have no problem.

First marathon though... feel out the distance, don't go for glory trust me on this. Use this as recon to get the pacing and feelings down right.

Kevin makes a good point. Just keep pushing forward, get down there early to run once or twice and try to acclimate your body to their weather before the race.

Afterwards... swim and bike in the easy ring the day after to loosen your legs up. KEEP YOUR LEGS LOOSE! trust me on this. I recover from marathons in 2 days with no pain now.

Caratunk Girl

I think you will have no problem with it - so I say GO FOR IT!!

BUT don't go for the glory (ha! I see Matty O said that too). Just relax and enjoy the day, focus on pacing, smiling, and just having fun.

I trained in Maine for a FL marathon. Let me tell you what I did wrong: I didn't get there a little early to get used to the heat, and I didn't train extra bundled up to get used to the heat. Hydrate and get your electrolytes in. It is so much tougher to run in the heat even though it is flat (personally I find flat courses harder than hilly ones? What is wrong with me??) Anyway, let us know when you have signed up! :)


Do it and have fun with it! :)


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