Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We'll call this a "RECOVERY WEEK"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011  at 8:46 PM
So it is my Spring Break this week.  Jenn and I decided that we were going to kick it off by going to Chicago to have some fun.  We left pretty early on Sunday morning and beat all the crowds to the Shedd Aquarium.  It was a little chilly but a really beautiful day as well.  You can see the aquarium there on the left.
Because we were so early, we scored some awesome parking with the meters rather than dropping some serious dough at the other parking options.  I did have to feed the meter a ton of quarters though.  Jenn had never been to the Shedd before, and it had been a long time for me.  It's pretty awesome to see some of God's creations up close and personal...we even saw an ANACONDA!  Some of my favorites were the penguins and the dolphins.  Those are pretty awesome animals with their personalities seriously showing through.

We finished off the day with a meal at Ed Debevicks.  If you've never been, it's an old-school diner where the waiters are paid to be rude to you.  I know it sounds awful, but it's actually a lot of fun.  They did a dance on top of the counter for us.  The guy in the middle was our waiter.  I didn't take this picture.

So after getting home, we definitely were not doing a run on Sunday.  Monday, we both worked pretty hard and decided to take another day off.  Tuesday, we busted our butts at work again and then went and saw a movie with our friends.  Are you seeing the "recovery week" in full swing?  Finally, today, we couldn't help ourselves with the incredible weather outside.  It made it up to 62*!!!!!  We didn't have much time, but we put on SHORTS and T-SHIRTS and did a quick 3 miles.  I can't wait till we are fully in the swing of spring and summer.  It's time!

Tomorrow, my parents are coming for a visit till next Monday.  But don't worry, Jenn and I are still planning on doing our long run of 10 miles this Sunday.  Hopefully with all this "Recovery," we'll feel great!


Ironman By Thirty

Sounds a like fun (and well warranted) recovery week. I'm curious to see hear how your 10 miles goes. When I first started running, I would dread a long run after a week off. However, I have come to learn that that long run often turns out to be amazing because you are essentially tapering for it.

Good luck to you both!

Matty O

Deep DISH PIZZA!!!!!!! haha. We drove to Chicago after steel head just for pizza and beer. Love Chicago man, ENJOY!


Ahhh I love Chicago! And yes, we've been to Ed Debevicks. It actually is kind of fun! :)

tri like mary

A well earned break! Sounds like a fun day - you visited two of my favorite places in Chicago too. I hope you had a milkshake!

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